Beach Fitness Activities


The beaches of Destin are not only beautiful they can provide you with a great place to stay in shape while vacationing at The Silver Beach Towers Resort.

There are several activities you can enjoy as a family which will provide both exercise and entertainment. Playing together also bonds the family unit further together.

Beach volleyball is a fun activity for several people.  You will burn calories and work your upper body muscles considerably as well as your calf muscles.  This is a great low impact aerobic sport that is lots of fun.  Turn on some music, pack a cooler of ice cold water and smack that volleyball around!

Water Sports such as Kayaking can be hours of fun and challenge in the Gulf of Mexico.  This will workout your upper body muscles and give your legs a break for a bit.  This fun activity also offers a scenic workout.

Of course you will want to hydrate yourself before, during and after any workout.  Drink plenty of water before you actually get thirsty.

That morning, afternoon or evening beach walk that you enjoy so much can be very beneficial for toning your legs and rear end as well.  The softer the sand the more resistance obtained so try to include this regime in your walk to reap the benefits.

Walking barefoot in the sand will also help exfoliate dead rough skin patches off the soles of your feet.

Make sure to enjoy the natural beauty of the beach while you are walking which is an additional benefit that goes right along with your walk.

Breathe in the fresh air and the smell of the sand and sea.  Enjoy the view thoroughly which will enhance your mood and ease the troubled soul.

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