Please Your Senses at Silver Beach

Silver Beach invites you tot he beach.

The Five Senses. Smell, Taste, Sight, Touch and Sound at Silver Beach

Together they form our perception of the world around us and often our memories of events, good or bad, are intrinsically connected to our perceptions. The delicate fragrance of Confederate jasmine, like the type that bloom everywhere around Silver Beach Towers, can suddenly bring to mind a summer love who wore the flowers in their hair… Or a song on the radio can transport you to that special night you first met. At Silver Beach Towers, we know how important these moments that make up your life can be, especially when your spending your hard earned money and valuable time on a trip to one of the most beautiful destinations on earth, which is why we work so hard to excel at delighting every one of your five senses… with some help from Mother Nature of course.

First things first… your eyes will tell you that you are in paradise. Our resort is set amidst sugar white sands and crystal clear azure waters, surrounded by lush tropical foliage and exotic blooms, right in the heart of sunny Destin, Florida. From our tastefully detailed and luxuriously appointed suites views of the Gulf of Mexico at sunrise or sunset, painting the sky with hues of orange, pink and purple, will leave an indelible image in your mind’s eye for years and years to come.

Imagine slipping into one of our oversized, pillow top mattresses, dressed with fine linens, while drifting to sleep listening to the gentle rhythm of the waves as they mingle with the orchestra of crickets, night birds and frogs native to our area. Or waking, not to a blaring alarm clock, but to the calls of sea birds as they dive into the water to catch breakfast or perhaps the soft knock of one of our highly trained staff delivering your own scrumptious breakfast prepared by one of our world renowned local chefs.

Please Your Senses at Silver beach Towers

As you enjoy a hot cup of coffee, you can plan your day while taking in the crisp, salty breezes and cool morning temperatures from your own private balcony. Should you decide to make it a beach day, allow our concierge services to worry about the details… we will set it up for you from lounge chairs, to fresh smelling towels to coconut scented sunscreen or even a packed picnic basket, wafting with such delectable aromas that you’re sure to be the object of many a hungry beachgoer’s envious gaze.

In the evening, after everyone has gotten cleaned up in our suites’ modern, luxuriously finished bathrooms, we can arrange reservations at any one of the outstanding restaurants close to the resort. In the mood for a mouth watering steak complete with a bold glass of merlot? No one masters the art of searing marbled cuts of beef quite like Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, located just down the road at our sister resort, Silver Shells. Maybe after a day on the beach you’re craving freshly caught, Gulf seafood. One taste of the delicacies at Marina Cafe or Harbordocks, will have you dreaming of the outstanding Destin dining far into your golden years.

For a finish to a wonderful day, slip into one of our heated pools or hot tubs and let the warm water remove any trace of stress from your body and mind. Wrap yourself in one of our soft, Egyptian cotton robes or curl up on our down comforter and let the night breezes caress your Sun kissed skin before falling asleep. Your dreams are sure to be tinged with hues of orange, pink and purple.

This summer, indulge your senses and get away from everything with a stay at Silver Beach Towers in Destin, Florida. We have everything you need and do everything we can, to make your trip unforgettable. The only thing that’s missing… is you! Call today to get started on the trip of a lifetime, or to learn more about our ‘five senses approach’ to luxury accommodations at an affordable price. 1-877-44-RESORT.